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Our walking coach demonstrates
how to use the HeartFlex while walking
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   Dr. Mike Maggio is a POSE method certified walking coach. Watch his video wherein he shares some simple concepts including basic human anatomy and then demonstrates proper walking technique and proper walking form - helping walkers avoid pain and injury.

   Then he introduces the Walk Heart Flex which builds upper body strength and flexibility while walking - it transforms walking into a complete body workout. No heavy or cumbersome weights or poles to lug around. Walk Heart Flex is a simple to use, lightweight product, made in the USA, which conveniently wraps around the back of the neck, freeing the hands, when not in use.

   Walk Heart Flex is a great addition for fitness walking and power walking as a cross training tool.

   The skeletal frame from a side view has a forward curve in the neck - it has a reverse curve in the upper to middle part of the back - the lower back curves forward again - and then the tail bone follows the pelvis around in a reverse curve - - the next progression is a forward curve which happens at the knees and then another reverse curve at the ankles and the feet.
   To understand this concept correctly, bodies are alternately curved back and forth and act as a giant spring at their core. And this giant spring, by compressing and decompressing at the curves, resists and absorbs shocks. So, when walking, remember to maintain the concept of the body being a "giant spring." Keep the body aligned and balanced - head over the shoulders - over the hips - just behind the knees - and just in front of the ankles. Utilizing the "giant spring concept" will minimize the amount of stress to the skeletal frame when performing walking or any other exercise.


   When walking the center of mass needs to be directly over the ball of the foot as it hits the ground. The heel will strike first and then the ball of the foot. The majority of the weight of the body should be directly over the ball of the foot with a bent knee.
   Lean forward to begin walking. It is not necessary to push as the body is naturally "falling forward" because of the pull of gravity. Then move onto the next foot and repeat the process. Increasing the amount of "lean" increases the forward speed.


   Proper walking mechanics are important to keep in mind when strolling, walking, fitness walking, and power walking.
   By keeping the body in proper alignment and utilizing the concept of the body as a "giant spring" stress to the body is minimized, heel contact shock is minimized, and injury is minimized. Without injury and its attendant pain it is now possible to walk, have fun, and get a great workout.


Walk  Heart  Flex  Speeds  Weight  Loss,  Tightens,  and  Firms:
Fitness Walking

   The addition of working upper body muscles during walking exercise increases the total amount of calories burned which helps to speed weight loss. Along with weight loss the Walk Heart Flex utilizes resistance exercise which tightens and firms the upper arms, chest, and back muscles - for a toned trim figure.

Walk  Heart  Flex  Boosts  Circulation  to  Naturally   Detoxify  the  Body:

   Walking with the Walk Heart Flex creates muscle flexion of the arms and upper torso which stimulates the pulmonary, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. In particular, flexing the pectoral muscles targets the lymphatic pumps located directly under the chest muscles. Improved blood and lymphatic flow assists the body's natural cleansing processes.

Power Walking

   In an average thirty minute walk taking two paces per second and moving the hands at the same rhythm as the feet - the hands will have performed 3600 (thirty six hundred) upper body repetitions. The key to toning and strengthening muscles with the Walk Heart Flex is multiple repetitions not strenuous activity.

   There are many Walk Heart Flex movements that target and build strength in the hands, wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles.
Walking Exercise

   The most revolutionary aspect about the Walk Heart Flex is its versatility. It is lightweight, it is portable, and it is simple and easy to use. There are many different exercises that may be performed. It tones and builds muscle strength in the hands, wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders, chest, and back.

   Weights, springs, and rubber bands only supply resistance in one direction. Weights work against gravity and so only effect muscle flexion when it is opposed to earth's gravity. Springs and rubber bands likewise supply resistance only when it opposes their resting (ambient) state. Walk Heart Flex is a totally unique exercise product that supplies "consistent resistance" through a range of motion regardless of gravity or the product's relative deformation (spring) from a neutral state. What this means for the user is that Walk Heart Flex delivers "consistent resistance" no matter where, no matter how, no matter when it is repositioned. Whenever the Walk Heart Flex is deformed it produces resistance which creates beneficial exercise to muscle structure across the entire range of motion that is performed. Walk Heart Flex makes a wonderful addition to fitness walking and power walking.

Walking Fitness

Walk  Heart  Flex  Adds  Upper  Body  Strength  Training  to  Walking:

   There are multiple exercise movements shown on the DVD that accompanies each Walk Heart Flex. Specific exercises are demonstrated which target the hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, chest, and back. It is fun and easy for walkers to switch between various exercises and customize an exercise program that targets their personal trouble spots. Walk Heart Flex builds strong, dense, flexible muscles - like swimming - not bulky, stiff muscles like weight training.

   Walk Heart Flex doesn't impede proper body mechanics, it doesn't impede proper form, and it allows interval training. Use the Walk Heart Flex for a minute and then rest - do the same or a different exercise and then rest - that's called interval training. There are multiple Walk Heart Flex movements that target the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, arms, shoulders, chest, and back that may be performed during a walking activity.

   Walk Heart Flex tones and strengthens the upper body on a country trail, a treadmill, an urban path, in a mall, even while sitting down.

   It is lightweight, packs easily, and makes a wonderful travelling companion.

   To take a break and free the hands just wrap the lightweight Walk Heart Flex around the back of the neck.

Walking Workout


Walking Strength

   Using Walk Heart Flex is a fantastic way to increase and maximize the benefits received from a walking workout. It may be used during strolling, walking, power walking, and fitness walking. It boosts circulation and builds upper body strength without interfering with proper body mechanics or walking form.

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